Ethics of Journal

       The Journal is committed to value based education and society, specially in the filed of research work. It will promote human values eg. peace, non-violence, compassion, environmental protection, national unity and integrity and social harmony. It also strengthens our constitutional commitment and social-cultural norms. The journal is always ready to popularize practical solutions, suggestions and ideas regarding burning issues of our society.

      Authors of research papers are expected to present their views in original form. They will only be responsible for the ideas given in thought content of the paper.

      Papers published in the journal are edited thoroughly by the editorial board


Publication Ethics And Malpractice Statement

      Role of Editors: The role of the editors is to evaluate the suitability of submitted manuscripts for the journal, including:(a) the quality of the manuscript,
(b) whether it meets the Aims and Scope of the journal and (c) the originality of the work. The editors will not disclose information about a submitted manuscript to anyone other than the corresponding author, reviewers or potential reviewers or other members of the editorial board. Editors will ensure the prompt handling of the review process. Editors will evaluate the merit of manuscripts for intellectual content without regard to race, gender, country of origin, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.
      Role of reviewers: Peer review is essential to the journal in assisting in making editorial decisions and assisting authors in manuscripts improvement. Reviewers should point out relevant publication not cited in the manuscripts and point out any similarities with previously published works. Reviewers should not consider manuscripts with conflicts of interest, competitive, financial or collaborative. If a potential reviewer feels unqualified to review the manuscripts, that reviewer should notify the editors immediately and decline the review. Manuscripts received for review will be treated as confidential documents and not shown or discussed with other without authorization from the editors. Author should expect to receive reviewer reports in a prompt manner, normally within three weeks. Reviewer misconduct (breach of confidentiality, delay of peer review, plagiarism or conflicts of interest) will not be tolerated.
      Role of Authors: Authors of original research (not previously published or under consideration for publication elsewhere) should be accurate in presentation of the work carried out, a discussion of the significance of the work in context with previous work, and should contain sufficient experimental detail to allow others to replicate the work. Appropriate citation of previously published works must always be included. Authors should disclose any financial or other conflict of interest that may be construed as influencing the data or interpretation. All sources of financial support should be disclosed. Authorship should be limited to those persons who have made a significant contribution to the work in terms of conception, design, experimental implementation and data analysis and interpretation. All persons making significant contribution should be included as co-authors. If an author discovers a significant error in the published work, the author is obligated to inform the journal editor in order to either correct or retract the paper.
      Role of the publisher: In cases of proven scientific misconduct, plagiarism or fraudulent publication, the publisher, in collaboration with the editorial board, will take appropriate action to clarify the situation, publish an erratum or retract the work in question. The manuscript in English should be prepared using “MS Word”. “Times New Roman” font should be used. The font size should be of 12pt but main subheadings may be of 14pt. All research articles should have the following sections: Title page, Abstract, Key words, Introduction, Materials and methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgement (if any) and References.